New Printers From HP – LaserJet M604, M605, M606

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 | HP Toner

HP LaserJet M605dn Laser PrinterHP has just released three new printers, the LaserJet M604, M605 and M606. These printers will replace the HP M601, M602 and M603. For the most part these printers are virtually unchanged. The printers did get a modest 3-7ppm speed increase. The M604 prints at 52ppm (M601 45ppm), M605 prints at 58ppm (M602 52ppm) and the M606 prints at 65ppm (M603 62ppm). The printers also got a 10 key pad for PIN printing and they’ve added a new option for wireless direct printing as well.

The varients of each model remain basically the same. M604 – M604n, M604dn. M605 – M605n, M605dn, M605x. M606 – M606dn, M606x.

As with the M601-M603 printers, the lowest model printer (M604) will only take the 10.5K CF281A standard yield toner cartridge. While the M605 and M606 will take both the CF281A and the high yield 25K CF281X toner cartridge. For that reason we don’t recommend the M604 series of printers if you are a volume user. If you do a lot of printing you’ll save money over the long run by using the high yield toner cartridges. If you are printing checks, you’ll save even more money as MICR toner cartridges are more costly.

MICR Toner – Currently we the CF281A and CF281X MICR Toner Cartridges are in product development. We hope to have MICR Toner for the M604, M605 and M606 laser printers by mid April 2015. Initially we will release NEW MICR toners, with the remanufactured versions to follow.

MICR Laser Printers – Once our stock of the M601, M602 and M603 run out, we will start selling M604, M605 and M606 MICR laser printers. Our MICR laser printers will come with a CF281A MICR toner cartridge.

To order Genuine HP Toner Cartridges online for the M604, M605 and M606 – links are below.

Genuine HP CF281A Toner Cartridge (10,500 page yield) For HP M604, M605 and M606

Genuine HP CF281X Toner Cartridge (25,000 page yield) For HP M605 and M606




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