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HP New MICR Toner Cartridge Price Increase

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 | HP Toner, MICR Toner and Check Printing | No Comments

On January 1st, 2017, HP (again) increased their toner cartridge prices by 5%. Previously, we’ve absorbed HP’s price increases, but this latest increase has caused us to reevaluate our pricing. Effective February 15, we will have a price increase on HP New MICR Toner Cartridges. So if you have any plans to buy a New MICR Toner Cartridge soon, may as well do it before the 15th and save a few dollars.

Note: Our remanufactured HP MICR cartridges are not affected by this price increase. One more reason to buy remanufactured. All of the quality, half the price.


Buy $250 in HP Toner and get $50 rebate (Save 20% on HP)

Monday, January 9th, 2017 | HP Toner | No Comments

HP $50 Toner RebateHP has another rebate. Buy $250 of Original HP Ink and/or Toner and receive a $50 Shell Gift Card or The Home Depot® Gift Card. Offer expires January 31, 2017. As with most HP rebates, the rebate comes in the form of Home Depot or Shell Oil gift cards.

Download the Rebate Form

Be sure to check page two of the rebate form to make sure your HP toner/ink qualifies. As always our HP New MICR Toner Cartridges do not qualify for any HP rebates.


The HP LaserJet M102w Represents A Major Shift In HP Printer Design

Friday, November 18th, 2016 | HP Toner, MICR Toner and Check Printing | 2 Comments
HP LaserJet M102w Printer

HP LaserJet M102w Printer

HP just released the HP LaserJet M102w laser printer. From the outside it looks like it’s predecessor, the P1102W. Inside the M102w comes with a two cartridge (drum and toner cartridge) system. From HP’s very first LaserJet Plus released in 1985, every LaserJet printer has had a single cartridge system. The single cartridge system differentiated HP from it’s competitors. Most competitors had two to three cartridges – toner cartridge, drum/imaging cartridge and a developer cartridge.

Both designs have merit, on the one had a multi cartridge system means you are not changing key components that have yet to be worn out. So you could say the multi cartridge system is the “greener” option. But the multi cartridge system can be difficult and expensive to troubleshoot. Let’s say you get a line down the page, do you change the drum cartridge, the developer cartridge or the toner cartridge?

On the other hand the single cartridge system is simple. If a printer has a problem, change the cartridge and 99% of the time the problem is fixed. In the end the single cartridge system was easy to use and it also gave birth to the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry. There are many parts of a toner cartridge that are not worn out when you change it out. So the green option is still available by purchasing remanufactured toner cartridges.

HP CF217A Toner CartridgeWith the single cartridge system you replace the entire imaging system each time you change your toner cartridge. This is a tried and true system and has been proven to be very successful. So it comes as quite a shock that HP would adopt a multi cartridge system after 31 years of success. Time will tell if HP will be successful with this multi cartridge system. Personally we think it’s not a great idea. Mostly we feel that troubleshooting problem will be more difficult and expensive. At the moment, only HP uses a single cartridge system. Recently Lexmark also moved to multi cartridge system with their premier printer lines. The Lexmark system is very complex and it is difficult to know what supplies are compatible and what supplies are not. Brother, Xerox and Okidata also use multi cartridge systems as well.

So while we are not wild about the idea of the multi cartridge system, we still think HP has the best product around. At the moment here are the products we have available for the M102w.

HP’s LaserJet M102w Supply List
CF217A Toner Cartridge Page Yield: 1,600 pages
CF219A Imaging Drum Cartridge – Page Yield: 12,000 pages

In addition the the LaserJet M102w, HP also released two MFP cartridges that use the same set of cartridges, the LaserJet M130fw MFP and the LaserJet M130fn MFP.

CF217A MICR Toner for LaserJet M102w

We have started development on the New CF217A MICR toner cartridge. This product has already passed QC with flying colors and we hope to have the M102w MICR toner cartridge on the shelves in early December 2016. In addition we will likely sell a M102w MICR laser printer once we exhaust our stock of M1102W MICR Laser Printers.

So if you are looking for a light duty MICR laser printer and you are not sold on the two cartridge system, you may want to consider our HP LaserJet P1102w MICR Laser Printer while they are still in stock.


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HP Rebate – Buy More, Save More HP Toner Cartridges

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 | HP Toner | No Comments

If you buy genuine HP toner cartridges, there is probably a rebate going about 50% of the time. The current HP rebate has two levels. Buy $200, get $25 rebate, buy $300, get $50 rebate. The $50 rebate represents a 16.6% return = not bad. Make sure your toner cartridge is listed. The rebate form has a list of toner cartridges. It’s a long list and likely your LaserJet cartridge has made the list.

As usual, you have to jump through the hoops – fill out the form, cut out the proof of purchase off the box and send in the invoice.

HP Buy More, Save More Rebate
Click Here to download the rebate form (PDF)

Click Here to order New HP Toner Cartridges, or if you want call us at 800-722-2804.

Note: Unfortunately New HP MICR Toner Cartridges for check printing do not qualify for the rebate.


New Product: Advantage CF226A and CF226X MICR Toner Cartridges

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 | HP Toner, MICR Toner and Check Printing | No Comments
Advantage Brand CF226A / CF226X MICR Toner Cartridge

Advantage Brand CF226A / CF226X MICR Toner Cartridge

It’s taken some time, but we’ve finally released the Advantage Brand CF226A & CF226X MICR Toner Cartridges for check printing. The CF226A and CF226X both fit in the HP LaserJet M402 and M426 series laser printers. Advantage Brand, aka remanufactured, are great cartridges sold at 30%-50% less than their new counter parts. These cartridges are remanufactured here in Atlanta, Georgia. As with all of our cartridges, we back our Advantage Brand cartridges with a one year “No Worries” guarantee. If you have a problem of any sort we will gladly take the product back and refund your money.

Our remanufactured toner cartridges are very reliable and have less than 1% defect rate. Our remanufactured toner cartridges come with the same guarantee, produce the same quality prints, the same quantity of pages and cost 30-50% less than their new counterparts.

CF226A MICR Toner Cartridge, 3,100 Pages

CF226X MICR Toner Cartridge, 9,000 Pages

If you print a lot of checks, you’ll definitely want to buy the high yield CF226X as it prints almost 3X as many pages and almost half the cost per page.

Buy the Advantage Brand CF226A or CF226X MICR Toner Cartridge by August 25th, and save $5 each on the Deal of the Day.


HP Rebate Buy more. Save more.

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HP Buy more. Save more Toner Cartridge Rebate

HP Buy more. Save more Toner Cartridge Rebate

HP has a new rebate, “Buy more. Save more.” where the more you buy of original HP cartridges, the greater the rebate. Please note this rebate doesn’t apply to our new HP MICR Toner Cartridges, only new unmodified HP toner cartridges.

Buy $200 of Original HP Toner and receive a $20 Shell Gift Card, buy $300 of Original HP Toner and receive a $50 Shell Gift Card, or buy $500 of Original HP Toner and receive a $100 Shell Gift Card.

  • Limit of two (2) Shell Gift Cards per qualifying end-user customer address during the Promotion Period.
  • Original HP Toner must be purchased at the same time, on the same invoice during the Promotion Period.

Promotion Period
March 15–April 15, 2016

Download the Rebate PDF


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New: HP CF287A/X New MICR Toner Cartridge for LaserJet M506

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 | HP Toner, MICR Toner and Check Printing | 1 Comment
The CF287A and CF287X New MICR Cartridges for the LaserJet M507n are in R & D

The CF287A and CF287X New MICR Cartridges for the LaserJet M507n are in R & D

HP has been keeping us busy with a string of new printer releases. The latest printer from HP is the LaserJet M506 Series. The M506 repalaces the P3015 series. The M506 has both a low yield (CF287A – 9,000 pages) and a high yield (CF287X – 18,000 pages) cartridge. We’ve developed our MICR Variants of these cartridges. The MICR quality is great on these cartridges. Thankfully HP  has not made the high yield cartridges only work in certain higher end printers.

HP CF287A MICR Toner Cartridge (9,000 Pages) $280.00
Cost Per Page: 3.11

HP CF287X High Yield MICR Toner Cartridge (18,000 Pages) $390.00
Cost Per Page:2.16

First Impressions – The M506n printer is speedy at 45ppm and a first page out in 7 seconds. The base model comes with both USB and Ethernet connectivity and duplexing is an option. It’s not as sturdy as it’s predecessor the P3015. But the toner cartridges do hold more toner and you’ll benefit from a lower cost per page. One interesting thing about toner toner cartridge is that there is no seal to pull, the printer comes with “Auto seal removal” and pulls the seal for you when you first use the cartridge. This may confuse first time users that are used to pulling a seal. The printer also comes with “improved” print gauge technology. In our tests the printer ran of out toner when the printer gauge said we still had an additional 100 pages to print. That was close enough for us. The 500 sheet input paper tray is welcome. It also has a usb port for printing documents straight off a usb stick (though I’ve never heard  of anyone actually doing that). The M506n has a street price of $650. Hp also offers a M506x for $949 that is loaded with an extra paper tray, duplexing and a 4.3″ touch screen. For $949 I’d consider moving to the much sturdier HP LaserJet M605n. We are still on the fence as to sell a M506n MICR Laser Printer. But if you are interested call us and that might help us make our decision.

HP M506n MICR Toner Cartridges are available to ship beginning January 13, 2016.


New Product: MICR Toner for HP M402 Series CF226A / CF226X

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 | HP Toner, MICR Toner and Check Printing | No Comments
HP CF226A New MICR Toner Cartridge in Stock

HP CF226A New MICR Toner Cartridge in Stock

HP has released several LaserJet printers this year, and we have developed New Modified MICR toner cartridges for these printers. ALP’s New Modified MICR cartridges are not remanufactured products. Instead, our New Modified MICR line is created by extracting HP’s toner and replacing it with Advantage MICR toner. Designed to meet ANSI and ABA standards, these New Modified MICR cartridges utilize HP’s original packaging and set the industry standard for reliability and quality.

The HP LaserJet M401 is the newest line of laser printers. The new M402 line of printers are very similar to their predecessor printing at 40ppm. The M402 series has 3 models, the M402n, M402dn, M402dw. HP has also released the M426 MFP that uses the 26A/X cartridges as well.

We are stocking both the standard and high yield versions of the CF226 MICR Toner Cartridge. These are New MICR toner cartridges, not remanufactured.

These cartridges are in stock now and are ready to ship.

CF287A/X for HP LaserJet M506 in R & D

The CF287A and CF287X New MICR Cartridges for the LaserJet M507n are in R & D

The CF287A and CF287X New MICR Cartridges for the LaserJet M507n are in R & D

HP also just released the LaserJet M506 Series. This mid-line printer series replaced the LaserJet P3015 series. The M506 uses the CF287A and CF287X toner cartridges. Our goal is to have the CF287A and the CF287X New MICR toner cartridges on the shelves by December 2015.