Happy Holidays – Closed December 26th and January 2nd

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Just a reminder, we’ll be closed December 26th and January 2nd. However you can still place your orders online 24/7 and we’ll get them out the following day.  January is our busiest month of the year, and we are preparing in December to make sure your MICR toner and Check Paper orders go out same day as always.

Speaking of the new year, it’s almost tax season. We’ve got your 1099’s and w-2’s in stock. Check out our tax forms.


Like advlaser.com? Give us a google +1

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If you like advlaser.com, you can now give it a tiny +1 …Google’s new button for sharing good ideas.

To use it, go to www.advlaser.com, just click the little +1 button, on the lower left. Thanks!


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We’re Open – Snow Melting – Back in Business!

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The snow has melted and we are back. We were able to ship some product on Wednesday, mostly MICR Toner Cartridges. Today we will get 90% of the backlog taken care of which mainly consists of check paper orders. Friday we will be back to our usual, which is ship 99% of all orders the same day they are placed. We hated to get behind, but the safety of our employees, plus the fact that both UPS and FedEx were not running prevented us from shipping. Thanks for being patient!


Advantage CLOSED Wednesday Due to Winter Weather

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Third day in a row we are closed. Both UPS and FedEx are not running. We received 6 inches of snow, but whats made it worse is that it started melting and when we were down to 2 inches of slush the cold front moved in. So we have two inches of ice everywhere. The yards look like snow, but it’s really white ice. We’re shooting to open on Thursday, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. This is really bad timing as this is busy season for us and the orders are stacking up. A few employees have been working remotely and have processed the email and online orders, so once we open we will have plenty of MICR Toner and Check Paper to ship. Thanks again for your patience.


New updated website almost complete

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Several months ago we commissioned Jared Ray of Jared Ray Design to create a new look and feel for our website. We’re 75% completed. All that is left is expanding the About Us section, adding a new section with bio’s on our employees, and re-working the MICR toner cartridge navigation so it takes less clicks to get to the MICR toner cartridge you are looking for.

We’re going for a clean look that is pleasing to the eye. We’re trying to avoid unnecessary graphics or anything that might distract our customers from finding what they’re looking for. We started with the flash animation on the home page, then created an entirely new look, updated logo, new icons, and added a feed that shows the most recent blog entries on our home page.  In addition, Jared has also re-skinned our Word-press blog to match the website. We think it looks great, what do you think? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.