New Energy Management System Saves Electricity and Money

Monday, August 2nd, 2010 | Green Power

In May we started working with Empower in install an energy management system to help reduce our demand peaks. We have two major sources of power demand, air conditioning and our toner collection system. Our toner collection system has a 30hp motor that pulls air (and toner) from all of our workstations. The system is oversized and probably pulls more juice than it should. When we first installed it back in 1998, we figured we would be building twice as many toner cartridges withing a few years and would need the extra workstations. And while we are doing well, we have not grown as fast as we’d hoped. But I digress…

The energy management system or EDGE as empower calls it, monitors our total power usage and if we start pulling more than 40kw EDGE adjusts the temperature by a couple of degrees, while rotating HVAC unit one at a time at the normal temperature. Once the toner collection system goes off (and usage goes below 40KW), the AC units are then allowed to bring the temperature back down.

By reducing our peaks, we can reduce our overall power rate. Our previous high peaks were around 70kw. We’re hoping the new system will have our peaks around 40kw. In addition we seem to be using less power as well.

Empower recently used us a case study. Read more about our energy management system.


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