Solar Project – Day 7

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 | Green Power

It’s been a week and we are now producing solar power, real green power delivered free from the sun! The array was installed in one day. It took another 2-3 days for the electricians to mount the inverters and run the conduit from the array to the inverters to our panel. Yesterday was sunny, so it was a good day to crank up the inverters and see what we were producing. We could have started it sooner, but it was rainy on Friday and the engineers from Empower didn’t want to launch on a cloudy day because there was still more testing to go and they wanted to see the array perform at full power. We’re producing 11KW of power right now at 11:20. That’s actual  power delivered into our electrical system after any loses from the inverter.We actually have three 6KW inverters. Here’s some actual data from each inverter…

The SMA WebBox collects data from the inverters on power generated and CO2 emissions avoided. You can checkout our power production at anytime from our SunnyPortal. Right now it doesn’t show much power generated, but it will. The system isn’t real time and only gets updated every so often. Still it’s nice to be able to monitor the power generated by the system.

At this point there really isn’t much to do with the system. PV systems such as this are relatively maintenance free. Annual maintenance includes pressure washing the panels and the roof underneath the panels, as the Solyndra modules rely on the reflective surface of the white roof for 20% of their power generation. I’ll  update in the future on the system performance promised vs. delivered. -Marvin


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Bench Saw 
October 20, 2010

solar power is great because it is a reneweable source of energy and non-polluting too~;;

Body Pillow ·
November 9, 2010

solar power has lots to offer that is why we should improve our technology in harnessing the energy coming from the sun *

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