HP CF325X MICR Toner for HP M806dn, M806x, M830z in R & D

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 | MICR Toner and Check Printing
HP LaserJet M806dn Laser Printer

HP LaserJet M806dn Laser Printer

HP has finally released a replacement for the HP LaserJet 9000, 9050 series printers, the HP M800 Series. The M800 series uses an HP CF325X toner cartridge. The CF325X is very similar to the C8543X (toner cartridge used in HP 9000, 9050) with a few tabs and notches that insures the new cartridge won’t fit in the older series of printer and vice versa. The CF325X is rated for 34,500 prints vs. 30,000 for the C8543X. Our goal is to have a CF325X MICR

HP LaserJet M806x

toner cartridge for M800 series by mid November. MICR toner for the HP 9000/9050 printer has been popular for high volume environments. In fact when you order our pre-printed checks for QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree or any number of othe accounting packages, we print these on an HP 9050 with a C8543X MICR Toner Cartridge. When HP first released the LaserJet 9000 it had it’s share of problems. But since the LaserJet 9050 came out, HP has addressed most of the reliability problems that plagued the HP 9000. We anticipate this to be a great production workhorse for high volume environments in check printing.

HP LasetJet Flow M830z

The new M800 series is basically the 9000 series with a facelift. HP  has added a touch screen, changed paper handling options, changed the color and cranked up the speed from 50ppm to 55ppm. There is no reason to upgrade your older 9000 to a M800 Series unless your 9000 series printer is on it’s last legs. HP has added NFC communication options as well so that you print wirelessly from your smart phone. Probably not a big selling point for such a high volume printer.

M800 Series New Models

  • M806dn – Base model with duplexing (2 sided printing) and networking standard. List price $3,399.
  • M806x – Take the base model and add a 3,500 sheet input tray and you have the M806x. One major difference between the 9000 series and the M800 series is the new input tray holds 3,500 sheets vs. 2,000. They’ve increased the capacity by creating two drawers that hold letter sized paper vs. one drawer that holds tabloid or 11×17 paper. List price $5,399.
  • Flow M830z – The M830z model isn’t just th M806x plus a 3000 sheet stacker/stapler. It also includes complete multifunction capabilities – print, copy, scan, fax. Plus they’ve added a larger touch screen. List price $8,499.

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May 8, 2014

Update: While we don’t have the our own Premium MICR Toner for the CF325X, Troy has now released their CF325X and it performed well in our test. You can now order online at http://www.micrpro.com/Troy-Brand-M806-M830-MICR-Toner-Cartridge-p/troy0288000.htm

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