New Check: QS/1 Payroll Check (Preprinted)

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 | MICR Toner and Check Printing
QS/1 Payroll Check

QS/1 Payroll Check

We’re now printing QS/1 Payroll Checks for customers using the QS/1 Governmental Solutions Payroll Software. You can save over 50% by buying from Advantage vs. QS/1. As with all of our check printing, we test sample checks from each job to make sure that he checks exceed ABA/ANSI standards. In addition our check stock is loaded with security features, including:  including copier void protection, micro printing, micro fibers, special signature background, watermark. Making your check virtually impossible to copy or manipulate.

Typical turnaround for QS/1 Payroll Checks is 24-48 hours. Monochrome as well as color logo options are available. To learn more call 800-722-2804.

To order online, visit

QS/1 Payroll Check Pricing

Qty Price Price Per Check
250 $40.00 .16
500 $60.00 .12
1,000 $80.00 .08
2,000 $140.00 .07
3,000 $210.00 .07
5,000+ $350.00 .07

QS/1 Payroll Check Colors

Blue-Green Fade
Blue-Burgundy Fade
Burgundy-Tan Fade
Blue-Burgundy-Green Fade
Solid Blue
Solid Green
Solid Burgundy
Solid Tan


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