New Product: HP LaserJet P2055d MICR Laser Printer for check printing

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 | MICR Toner and Check Printing

HP P2055d MICR Laser Printer

Hot off the press, we’re now shipping the HP P2055d MICR laser printers. This is a great little printer, prints 35ppm with stunning quality. The “D” means it duplexes as well. Not that you would duplex checks, still the duplexer comes in handy and is a great way to save paper. This is a real laser printer with it’s own processor and memory, not like it’s little brother the LaserJet P2035 which is host based. The host based machines are not necessarily bad, but they rely on the processor in your computer to handle the graphics work. Also this printer has PCL5e and PCL6 so it can take jobs from non-Windows machines and older DOS programs with no problems. The P2055d comes with a real CE255A, not a starter cartridge. We’ve replaced the toner with MICR toner. You still get the same NEW cartridge that came with the printer, but with MICR Toner.


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4 Comments to New Product: HP LaserJet P2055d MICR Laser Printer for check printing

Print Reseller
April 17, 2010

Wonderful article!

Print Reseller
April 17, 2010

Great article! You wouldn’t happen to know any companies that will setup a print reseller site for me would you?

Arlie Dearborn
May 13, 2010

I just bought this 1 month ago to replace an HP PSC 1350 that stopped working, it arrived; and works perfectly. there are clearly more perks than I am currently taking advantage of. Here are the ones I’m already loving. It’s a color printer that allows pure black and white printing. (My old ones only did grayscale wasting lots of hp q6511A toner. I can print 6 slides per page, and all printing can be double sided, even multiple pages per side! Amazing paper saving options. Also, a very helpful automatic on-screen error guide. This is just the beginning of what this printer has to offer. To me, it is worth much more than its price!

Hp Laserjet P2055d
September 16, 2010

[…] New Product: HP LaserJet P2055d MICR Laser Printer for check … The HP LaserJet P2055d at 35ppm is an excellent laser printer for check printing. […]

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