New Product: HP M209dw MICR Laser Printer

Friday, July 29th, 2022 | MICR Toner and Check Printing

The HP M209dw printer has been out for over a year now. We are happy to announce we are now selling the HPM209dw with a MICR toner cartridge.

Our Take: This is an inexpensive printer up front, but the cost per page is high compared to the more expensive models. This makes a great dedicated MICR printer for small check runs from 10-100 pages. Beyond that, you are better off spending your money on the LaserJet M404n MICR Laser Printer. The M404n is faster, more durable, and less expensive to operate in the long run.

The M209dw is the least expensive, dare I say cheapest, LaserJet printer we sell for printing checks. It’s got a tiny foot print which makes it ideal if you are tight on space. If you are printing small runs of checks, this may be the printer for you.

HP M209dw MICR Laser Printer $299

We will also be selling the M209DWE variant of the printer as well. The DWE is less expensive than the DW and comes with double the warranty and HP+. HP+ is a system that gives your printer cloud based connectivity. The HP+ system can be utilized to automatically order your toner. The disadvantage is that the DWE will only allow HP OEM toner cartridges to be used. This isn’t a problem because we sell new modified HP cartridges. These cartridges will work fine as they are new HP.

Here are some more details about DWE (with HP+) vs DW.


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