Tips & Tricks – When Businesses Should Print Their Own Checks

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 | MICR Toner and Check Printing

Interview with John Miller, ADVANTAGE

Managing a company’s finances isn’t always easy. As a veteran with Advantage Laser Products (ALP), he knows the challenges you face. For more than 30 years, the Advantage Team has helped accounting and finance professionals and their teams overcome those challenges.

In this exclusive interview, John provides his insight into the advantages and disadvantages of printing your own business checks.

Question 1: When does it make sense for a business to print their own checks?

John:  “There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I try to answer each customer’s questions based on my experience working with thousands of business customers. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for customers to print their own checks. You might be better off with a payroll service or a good bookkeeper, or it may make more sense financially to order pre-printed checks.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. How many checking accounts do you have?
  2. How many checks do you write per week in each?
  3. How often do your checking accounts turn over? (Do you have to open new accounts all the time?)
  4. How many people in your organization will be printing checks for these accounts?
  5. And are these people at the same location?

The decision to print your own checks depends on your answers to these questions. We advise clients daily about these decisions. It’s exciting to help guide them through this process.”


Question 2: What equipment does a company need to print their own business checks?

John: “If your check printing volume isn’t very high, and you have check printing software, I recommend a suitable printer, depending on your budget and needs. Printers range from $199 and up.

If you’re printing 1,000 checks a week, the HP Laserjet M602 ($920) can print 500 checks in just 10 minutes. Of course, there is a range of printers to consider, but it’s important to choose one designed for check printing.”


Question 3: What other technology do you recommend to make the check printing process easier?

John: “We also sell machines that fold, insert, and seal checks into envelopes.  You can also print checks on z-fold pressure-seal form. Once you print the checks, you put them in a pressure sealer and stick a stamp or metered postage on each sealed check.”


Question 4: What are some best practices of companies who print their own checks?

 John: “We recommend that they use that printer solely for printing checks, because printing checks requires a special magnetic toner called MICR toner.  We manufacture high-quality MICR toner cartridges and provide our customers with a satisfaction guarantee.

What not everyone knows is that MICR toner is not all the same quality, and using bad quality MICR toner can cause serious problems during the check printing process. I also recommend that every company has few printers in case one goes down. Missing a payroll date is a no-no for most employers. No excuses.”


Question 5: Does Advantage help companies set up the check printing process?

John: “Absolutely. If you have issues with quality and need to know how to fix your printer, we perform free document testing. We don’t require any service contract. That is just a free benefit of being our customer.

When we sell software, we provide one-on-one support. We will personally walk you through how to set up accounts properly and print checks consistently.”


Question 6: Is there special software needed to print?

John: “Yes, and we do offer a variety of software options. We want our customers to be completely satisfied so we’re happy for them to try it out first. To check this out go to, and look for the GC Former software.”


This interview with John Miller is brought to you by Advantage Laser Products (ALP). Since 1987, ALP has specialized in check printing supplies, including MICR toner, blank check paper, laser printers and more. ALP also provides high-quality products and exceptional customer service every day.

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