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HP Going Green?

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 | Green Power | No Comments

HP recently announced a new initiative for green printing. The new initiative includes a new $40 DeskJet printer almost entirely made from recycled plastic and new company goals to make their printers 40% more efficient. HP also plans to triple the recycled materials that are current used in their toner cartridges, laser and inkjet printers. And lastly, HP plans to surpass the 250 million toner and ink cartridges that will be recycled in 2008.

I applaud HP for making the effort. If all business made this effort, the world would be a better place. Going “green” as we have done is not only “the right” thing to do, it’s also good business. In our case we are not only conserving to help the environment, but we’re saving money and feeling great about doing it. We’re saving on everything from an advanced climate control system to analyzing and recycling every possible outflow we can find.

HP is a great business and when I see the enthusiasm about HP’s green program, I just want to remind you, this is not 100% altruistic. When you read HP will recycle 250 million toner and inkjet cartridges, the real goal there is not to recycle them, but to take them out of circulation – again good business practice on HP’s part.

For HP, recycling means separate the components and melt them down to raw materials. This takes energy – a much greener approach is to do what we do, which is to remanufacture the cartridge. In this way the cartridge keeps it’s present form, the imaging system such as drum, developer, wiper blade, doctor blade are replaced (and recycled). But the rest of the cartridge stays intact. HP wants to take cartridges out of circulation, because HP knows that every cartridge they don’t collect for recycling may potentially become a “competitor” in the form of a recycled or remanufactured cartridge.

HP is also releasing a carbon foot print calculator for your laser printer in June, so you can save the world buy upgrading your printer. More on this later. -Marvin


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