New: HP LaserJet M604, M605, M606 MICR Laser Printers

Monday, July 27th, 2015 | HP Toner, MICR Toner and Check Printing
HP LaserJet M604dn Laser Printer

HP LaserJet M604dn Laser Printer

We’ve just released the HP LaserJet M604, M605, M606 series of MICR laser printers. These printers directly replace the HP M601, M602 and M603 series of MICR laser printers. These printers have proven to be very reliable and the are the go to printer for medium to high volume laser check printing. The newer 600 series printers are faster and add a few features, but for the most part are very similar to the previous series.

What makes these printers a MICR Laser Printer for Check Printing? They come with a New MICR HP CF281A MICR toner cartridge. So if you are buying a printer for check printing and need a MICR toner cartridge for it, this is the least expensive route. The printer doesn’t come with the e13b MICR font, but you can add that on.

As with the previous LaserJet M601N, the M604N also doesn’t accept the high yield toner cartridge. So if you are printing more than 5,000 checks a month, buy the M605N as it will accept the 25,000 page CF281X high yield Micr toner cartridge. If you buy the M604N it only takes the 10,500 page CF281A standard yield MICR toner cartridge. By spending a few extra dollars up front, you not only get a faster printer (8ppm faster), you will quickly pay for the increased investment by saving .78 cents per page. It doesn’t sound like much but when you are talking about 25,000 pages per cartridge vs. 10,500 pages, those pennies stack up quickly.

Example: 5 CF281A cartridges at 10,500 per cartridge will print 52,500 pages for $1,345. Or you could buy two CF281X MICR Toner at 25,000 per cartridge for $892. So after just two high yield cartridges you would have saved $453 in toner savings. The M605N only costs an additional $255 over the M604N. After your second High Yield MICR Cartridge you’ve covered your initial investment and saved an additional $198. This is a no-brainer. While we recommend the M605N, it is hard to justify the M606 series. These printers add still more speed (4ppm) and some bells and whistles, but the additional $580 (M605DN to the M606DN) doesn’t seem worth it. Still if you want the best, the M606X is the printer for you.

HP LaserJet M604N MICR Laser Printer – 50ppm from $870

HP LaserJet M605N, M605DN, M605X – 58ppm from $1,125

HP LaserJet M606DN, M606X – 62ppm from $1,895


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