Save an extra 20% on HP Dual-Pack Toner Cartridges

Monday, October 28th, 2013 | HP Toner
HP CE505X Dual Pack

HP CE505XD Dual Pack

If you insist on buying Genuine HP toner cartridges and you print a lot, the dual-pack is for you. By buying the dual pack you save 13-15% over buying HP cartridges individually. In addition to the dual-pack savings, HP is offering a cash rebate on dual-packs as well. This rebate is valid for purchases through December 31, 2013. We carry the full line of HP Dual-Packs at You can always save more by buying Advantage Brand toner cartridges. Advantage Brand HP toner cartridges offer a 50% savings over new HP, with matching page yields and print quality. As always Advantage offers free shipping on all HP toner cartridges and dual-packs.

Download the HP Dual-Pack rebate PDF.

Dual-pack SKUs / Rebate (for HP Monochrome LaserJet Printers)

  • CB540AD $15
  • CC364XD $60
  • CE250XD $40
  • CE260XD $50
  • CE310AD $10
  • CE320AD $15
  • CE410XD $20
  • CE505XD $30
  • Q6000AD $15
  • Q5942XD $50

Tri-pack SKUs / Rebate (for HP Color LaserJet Printers)

  • CE257A $25
  • CE259A $20
  • CF340A $35
  • CF341A $15
  • CF370AM $35
  • CF371AM $20

If you don’t find your dual pack on, give us a call, we’ve love to talk with you! Toll Free 800-722-2804


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October 28, 2013

The customers I talk to hate these rebates!
On the up side, it saves you money. On the down side you have to mail in the UPC/proof of purchase along with the invoice and completed rebate form which is a total hassle. It would be easy for HP to do an instant rebate for the savings, but I guess they want to put as many hurdles as possible to keep the rebates to a minimum. The customer’s thought process is something like this – “yeah I’ll send in the rebate and save another $40”, so they buy the toner cartridges, and let the rebate form collect dust on the corner of their desk until they find it one day while cleaning up their desk. At this point the rebate is long expired, so it goes in the bin. Brilliant!

According to the US News and World Report, even good rebates of $50 have less than 50% chance of being redeemed. If the rebate is $10 or less, the rebate redemption rates is in the single digits.

So jump through the hoops and get the rebate!

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