Happy Earth Day – Now is the time to Recycle

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 | Miscellaneous

As you probably know by now, today is Earth Day…Hurray! Most people say yup, it is and head off to Target or Wal-Mart and consume. But it is a good reminder to think about recycling or better yet reducing your consumption. I’m hardly one to talk as I have two kids who are virtually destroying the world with all of their consumerism. I can’t go to the store without Max yelling “I want that”. I buy it for him. Consumerism 1, The Earth 0. (and let’s not address disposable diapers and landfills)

But seriously, consumerism has to be the biggest threat to the planet. In developing nations, everything is focused on survival and the necessities of living, so there’s little waste. But  here in the land of plenty, we have whole stores of things nobody needs. I’m not saying don’t buy anything but clothes and food. But maybe put a little thought into what you buy. Buy from companies that are green like Patagonia and Advantage Laser Products. (Like how I just aligned us with Patagonia?) Buy recycled products (like our toner cartridges). When you have a choice, buy from companies that use less packaging. I find so many items that are over packaged. We recycle our household cardboard and it’s amazing how many boxes I have at the end of the week. Buy bulk food. I shop at EarthFare (like Whole Foods) and we buy cereal, flower, rice, etc. from the bulk containers. We save heaps of cash, and there’s minimal packaging. Not only less to recycle, but less produced in the first place.

That’s my earth day thought – curb your consumerism!


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3 Comments to Happy Earth Day – Now is the time to Recycle

Aaliyah Wood
July 28, 2010

i always buy recycled products to reduce the waste materials on this planet.;'”

Electric Shower 
October 13, 2010

well, we should always buy recycled products to help support our environment-,.

Gear Knobs :
October 25, 2010

it is important to use recycled products so that we can help the environment*”‘

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