Printer Tips from the Printer Tech. HP 9000 Series. Mystery 13.20.00 errors.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 | Printer Repair

This post is a heads up to everyone out there with 9000 paper jams.

This is a fun service call we came across recently. On a 9000mfp one of our customers was having chronic paper jam errors which would lock down the machine. 13.20.00 is typically an error relating to some random piece of paper being stuck somewhere inside the 9000. Normally easy enough to remedy. (Open Doors, remove paper, print) Well in this case, there was no actual paper jam. 13.20.00 can also indicate a paper wrap error. Now typically that would mean that a piece of paper has actually wrapped itself around the Teflon sleeve inside the fuser. In this case it actually means that the fuser and DC controller both think that there is paper stuck in the fuser, and wont let you tell them otherwise. Oh yeah, and as this point both your fuser and DC controller are toast.

Call a tech. You need a new Fuser & DC Controller. The trick is this, replace BOTH at the same time! Installing a new fuser into a 9000 with a bad DC controller may blow the new fuser, same deal replacing the DC and not changing the fuser.


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