Printer Tips from the Printer Tech. HP CP4005N CP4005DN Error: 49.4C02

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 | Printer Repair

One of these days someone at HP will explain to me why PDF files constantly anger printers into stalling out. For now here is your tip:

For the HP Laser jet CP4005N, CP4005DN etc.
If you are receiving the Error 49.4C02 it’s a firmware issue.
Once again the almighty PDF is causing your printer to stall while translating the file into print.
Firmware version 20080128 46.034.0 is the newest thing from HP as of now.

If you have never updated firmware it’s not rocket science. Download the firmware HERE make sure you download the correct version Mac, PC, or UNIX. (seriously UNIX?) Unzip the file and there are several ways to upload the new firmware.

NOTE: Normally when updating firmware the printer will receive the file, update it’s firmware, then reboot. For some reason when I installed this firmware version the reboot did not happen. If this happens let the thing sit for a few hours, then manually power cycle the printer. (I let this customers machine sit overnight) I don’t know if this is a problem with this firmware revision, or if the CP4005N I was working on was being simple. Regardless, this may happen to you. Be careful never reboot a printer during a firmware update if you can avoid it. It’s like reprogramming it’s brain half way, then expecting it to operate. Not going to happen and you will have to purchase a new firmware chip.

That’s it for now.

Here is a list of fixes from the HP documentation on this firmware revision.
The following fixes or improvements are provided by this firmware release (20080128 46.034.0):

Corrected Processing Job Hang at 1000 pages
Improved PDF printing.
Corrected problems Printing Postscript Macros & Fonts.
49.4C02 error when printing PDFs.
WideA4 setting does not retain extended area after power cycle.
Garbage Display after update avter firmware update.
Corrected localization in Russion Language-“Overheated” where “Warming up” expected.


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December 3, 2010

Outstanding, article this was my first time updating firmware on my printer. But when I got the 49.4c02 it asked me to restart and had the same error immediately I couldn’t find anything of use from HP, so thanks for the information.

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