Dell 5230 / 5350 MICR Toner in R&D

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 | MICR Toner and Check Printing | 3 Comments

We’ve just started working on a Dell 5350 / Dell 5230 MICR toner cartridge. We hoping to offer a high yield cartridge with a 21,000 page yield. This will be a new MICR cartridge, not remanufactured. The Dell cartridge is very similar to our Lexmark T650 MICR toner cartridge, the main difference being the chip which does not allow cross use of consumables between Lexmark and Dell printers.

Dell offers 4 variations of cartridges for this printer, although two varieties are really the same thing with a “use and return” policy. When you buy a “use and return” cartridge you are agreeing that you will return the cartridge to Dell and not let the empty fall into the hands of someone whom “heaven forbid” might actually recycle or remanufacture the cartridge. And for this Dell allows you to save $120 on the high yield cartridge and $60 on the standard or low yield cartridge. Dell seems to have modeled this practice after the Lexmark “Prebate” cartridge in which Lexmark offers you a rebate in advance if you agree to return the cartridge to Lexmark. All of this is done to keep the empty cartridges from being remanufactured or recycled. If the cartridge is remanufactured then that’s revenue that Lexmark / Dell does not receive.

The “use and return” or “prebate” policy to me seem to add to confusion. My guess is most customers just bought the cheapest one and never really felt then entered into a contract buy buying the “prebate” cartridge, and therefore what they did with it had no bearing on the “contract” but rather what was convenient.

Dell 5350n / 5350dn / 5230n/ 5230dn Part Numbers

Yield Dell Part # Page Yield Dell Retail
Std Yield “use and return” 330-6989 7,000 $139.99
Std Yield 330-6990 7,000 $199.99
High Yield “use and return” 330-6968 21,000 $299.99
High Yield 330-6991 21,000 $419.99