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Higher Gas Prices = Fuel Surcharges, but not from us!

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Miscellaneous | 1 Comment

Now that oil has topped $130 per barrel, the notifications are coming in from all of our suppliers that fuel surcharges will be applied on incoming shipments. Ugh!

We only ship via UPS, and effective June 1, our fuel surcharge from UPS will be 8.5% for ground and 28% (ouch) for air shipments.

The Buck Stops Here!
We realize times are tight. We will not pass along the increased fuel surcharges on our toner cartridges. Our toner cartridges ship with free UPS ground shipping and we we won’t increase our prices or take away the free shipping. Check paper is a different story, check paper is heavy and and it’s expensive to ship, so we charge actual UPS charges for check paper.

I’m no economist, but… it’s easy to see that virtually every business in the world will be affected by higher transport costs. The “trickle down” effect certainly has the potential to cause significant inflation. We’re doing what we can to stop the increased fuel costs from trickling down to the next level.

On the positive side… higher fuel prices seem to be motivating Americans to make smarter choices with their transportation. The US has enjoyed relatively low fuel prices compared to the rest of the world for some time now. If you ever travel to Europe or Australia, you’ll notice our cars are huge compared to theirs. Higher fuel prices are driving people to bike to work and take mass transit, and relocate closer to their jobs. Here in Atlanta, where the average commute is 32 miles (the highest in the country), people that work downtown are flocking to new intown developments. Urban re-development is booming. If the the time wasted sitting in traffic doesn’t convince them, maybe the gas prices will!

Did you know… on average it takes a pint of oil to make a toner cartridge? So just by buying 8 remanufactured cartridges, you’ll save a gallon of gas and save 40%. Our Advantage brand toner cartridges are remanufactured right here in Atlanta, Georgia and they work great.

We really appreciate all of our customers business, and we’re doing what we can to eat the fuel surcharge and not pass it along to our customers. -Marvin

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