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HP Released New LaserJet M404 Series – CF258A MICR Toner in development.

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HP just released the new LaserJet M404 series laser printer. There doesn’t appear to be any reason for HP to release this printer as the specs are identical to the M402 series printers. Same speed, same look, same size – different toner cartridges. Still this will be a big seller as small business continue to buy small inexpensive reliable monochrome printers. The M402 series has had a decent track record and we’ve sold hundreds of these printers retrofitted with MICR toner cartridges for check printing.

HP LaserJet M404n

The M404 Series consists of the M404n, M404dn, M404dw as well as the M428fdn, M428dw and M428fdw MFP (Multi Function) machines.

The M404 takes the new CF258A (3,000 Pages) and the CF258X (10,000 Pages) toner cartridges. The high yield toner cartridge is by far the best value.

To order the CF258A or CF258X online, the links are below.

Genuine HP CF258A Toner Cartridge

Genuine HP CF258X Toner Cartridge

We are developing MICR Toner for CF258A and CF258X to be used for check printing. At this point we don’t have a date that this will be available. But we will target August 2019.


New Product: Advantage Ultimate Holographic Checks

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A 3D Hologram is fused to each check.

We’ve been working for some time on a new check that is virtually impossible to alter or copy. We call this new check Advantage Ultimate. For the moment, we only have it in a Top Check with a Blue to Green to Blue fade. This particular check layout used by QuickBooks and VersaCheck is by far our most popular. Advantage Ultimate Check Stock is loaded with security features including:

  • Hologram – Each check has a 3D hologram fused to the paper.
  • Chemical Protection Paper – When chemically altered, the area treated will appear as a brown stain or spot.
  • Toner Adhesion – Paper is treated so that once toner is fused it will reveal attempted tape-lifting or scraping.
  • Micro-Printing – Small type in border, under endorsement area and surrounding Padlock Security box appears blurred if copied or scanned.
  • Check Security Watermark – When copied: Absence of the words “Original Document” on the back of the check.
  • Fluorescent Fibers – Visible only under ultraviolet light.
  • Check Security Screen – When copied: Absence of the words “Original Document” on the back of this check.
  • Heat Sensitive Ink – Red image of padlock will fade with heat. Rub, hold between finger and thumb or breathe on image for reaction.
  • Coin Reactive Ink – Key will appear underneath coin image when rubbed with a coin.

This is the best check paper money can buy. Yes it’s pricey starting at $130 / 1,000, but if you need the best protection from alteration available, this is it.

Our Part # CP815-BGB

Software Compatibility: QuickBooks Pro, Quicken, VersaCheck 1000, plus many others.

Order from: https://www.advlaser.com/Advantage-Ultimate-Top-Check-Stock-p/cp815-bgb.htm 

CP815-BGB Advantage Ultimate Hologram Check for QuickBooks, Quicken and VersaCheck.

CP815-BGB Back of Check


Advantage Customer Series – Kathleen Boyer

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Kathleen Boyer, Office Administrator – Harris & Ruth Painting

Harris & Ruth Painting is one of the top commercial and industrial painting contractors located in West Covina, California. Kathleen Boyer, the company’s Office Administrator, was looking for a way to save her company money.

She found Advantage Laser Products online while doing her research on check printing. Learning how to print your own checks with a magnetic ink can be a tricky process, and so Kathleen decided to call Advantage for help.

“I called and spoke with John Miller, who educated me on the MICR font and ink requirements, and then worked with me to make sure my MICR font and placement was perfect, and my ink strength was perfect,” she said. “It was such a positive experience.”

Kathleen continues to enjoy personalized customer service from Advantage – she says she loves working with Advantage because, “they work hard, like me.”  But most importantly, printing checks in-house brings Harris & Ruth Painting substantial savings every year.

About Advantage Laser Products

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Advantage Laser Products specializes in business checks and check printing supplies, including MICR tonerblank check paperenvelopeslaser printers and more. For over 30 years, Advantage Laser Products provided high-quality products and exceptional customer service every day. Advantage has been focused on offering products made in the USA, when possible. Each product purchased at Advantage Laser Products is backed by our one-year satisfaction guarantee, and many qualify for free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Visit Advantage today at www.advlaser.com or email us at info@advlaser.com for more information.


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Advantage Laser, a Leading Check Supplier, Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Corporate Rebranding and New Website.

Redesigned website offers visitors richer customer experience and unparalleled ease of purchasing check supplies, software and services.

Atlanta, GA – March 8, 2018 – Advantage Laser Products is one of America’s most trusted sources for check printing and laser printer solutions, specializing in high-quality business checks and envelopes, MICR toner cartridges, laser printers,  check fraud prevention software, and more. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Advantage is unveiling its new corporate brand identity and website designed to streamline the ordering process at www.advlaser.com.

Inspired by thousands of customer testimonials, the new corporate brand aims to seamlessly merge a client’s desire to receive quality products and exceptional service with the Company’s commitment to providing quality products and exceptional service.

As Brian Chaney, President of Advantage states, “We have a strong belief in offering quality products and making our customers number one. So, we are thrilled when our customers consistently tell us this sets us apart from our competitors. Since we are celebrating a milestone anniversary, we wanted this sentiment to be reflected in our brand and website.”

While Advantage customers often write to say how easy it was to make a purchase or how a customer service representative went the extra mile to guide them to the right product, customers also provide critical feedback. This feedback was crucial to informing Advantage’s new website design.  The enhanced website offers a modern aesthetic and improved functionality. It’s clean and simple design is intended to enhance customer experience by delivering information more succinctly so that customers can make better decisions faster.

“Staying abreast of new technology and product innovations has always been important to us because we know it is crucial to serving our clients’ needs. We are always looking for ways to deliver products and services cost-effectively and seamlessly. Customer comments dictate that finding products faster and making relevant information readily accessible are crucial factors in determining a good-service experience – Marvin Masson, a founder of Advantage Laser Products.

In addition to an improved brand and website, Advantage remains committed to maintaining a personal relationship with its clients.  As John Miller, Vice President of Sales, remarks, “We enjoy helping thousands of companies every year determine and adopt the most optimal check printing solutions, whether it means helping them print their own business checks or easily order and reorder pre-printed checks for multiple accounts. We want our customers to have every conceivable advantage. In today’s world of big retailers, it’s rare to call your supplier and get personalized help anymore. We are that rare supplier.”

Advantage Laser Products’ new website, blog and “how to videos” are posted regularly at  www.advlaser.com, and customers can sign up for special offers and updates from the Company.

About Advantage Laser Products

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Advantage Laser Products specializes in business checks and check printing supplies, including MICR tonerblank check paper, envelopeslaser printers and more. For over 30 years, Advantage Laser Products provided high-quality products and exceptional customer service every day. Advantage has been focused on offering products made in the USA, when possible. Each product purchased at Advantage Laser Products is backed by our one-year satisfaction guarantee, and many qualify for free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Visit Advantage today at www.advlaser.com or email us at info@advlaser.com for more information.

The Story of Advantage Laser Products

The company began in Tuscaloosa, Alabama when Brian Chaney and Marvin Masson, two college friends, partnered to launch a desktop printing company in 1987. After their Apple Laser Writer printer cartridge ran out of toner, they learned about how to refill printer cartridges and decided to start Advantage Laser Products. In 1992, John Miller merged his software company with Advantage Laser Products and in 1994 the company moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Since that time, the three have worked in close partnership and have built the company with a dedicated team, where more than two thirds of their employees have been with the company for over 15 years. Employees all agree, it’s an amazing place to work with a diverse team of employees from a range of backgrounds, who all believe in hard work and playing hard as well.



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Business Checks Survey Report

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Advantage Laser Products conducted a survey to determine the dominant business function for checks, the prevalence of MICR-printing of checks by U.S. businesses, and the prevalence of check fraud and the use of positive pay check fraud prevention.

Check payment solutions play a critical role in the financial management of most organizations. Checks are intrinsic to the behavior of U.S. businesses and government agencies, and most organizations have structured their entire treasury management infrastructure around checks, from paying invoices to matching transactions. We believe there are three main reasons for why over 87% of our survey respondents’ organizations continue to use checks:

  1. Checks simply contain a lot more information than electronic payments, and may even have entire invoices attached to them. Checks simply contain a lot more information than electronic payments, and may even have entire invoices attached to them.
  2. Checks offer a cash flow advantage, by delaying the payment while the check is in the mail and during authentication process, often translating to days if not weeks of additional liquidity and interest income on cash.
  3. And with the use of very effective check fraud prevention solutions, such as positive pay, checks are also a safer payment solution than electronic payments, which are subject to hacking and cyber theft.

Until the security is enhanced in prevailing electronic payment methods, and an external, regulatory action forces a rapid transition to electronic transactions, many U.S. businesses will continue to use checks as the preferred payment solution.

Click here to view the full Survey Report  


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10 Tips for Improving Customer Experience and Growing Your Business

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Creating great experiences for customers should be a top goal for every business. If you can offer an amazing experience, you can create repeat customers, increase sales and more effectively market your business in a number of different ways. Here are some tips from members of the online small business community for creating great customer experiences and growing your business in other ways.

  1. Optimize Your Website’s User Experience and Boost SEO
    1. Search engines don’t just look at keywords when determining how to rank websites. They also want to call attention to sites that provide great user experiences. So by optimizing the user experience of your website, you can also boost your SEO. In this LeapGo post, Jason Corgiat offers seven ways to optimize that experience.

Click here to discover the other 9 Tips from SmallBizTrends.com 



Advantage Laser Products has been proudly supporting the needs of accounting and finance professionals for over 30 years. We offer pre-printed checks & envelopes and check printing supplies, such as MICR toner, check stock paper, MICR fonts and check printing software.

We understand that managing a company’s finances isn’t always easy. You can rely on Advantage to always stand by you and help you find smart solutions.

  • consultative, personalized support
  • fast turn-around
  • affordable, quality products

We are proud to deliver consistent customer satisfaction. Customers rave about the excellent customer service and report that Advantage goes above and beyond what is expected.


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Ordering Checks from Your Bank or Accounting Software Vendor? Think Again!

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Interview with John Miller, ADVANTAGE LASER PRODUCTS

October 24, 2017


Buying checks from your bank can be very expensive. In fact, checks purchased from your bank can be 2 to 3 times more expensive than checks purchased from a reputable third-party vendor.

In this exclusive interview, John Miller of Advantage Laser Products provides insights into why people should consider ordering checks from reputable third-party vendors rather than their banks or accounting software companies.


Q1: BANK VS. VENDOR – Why shop around for business checks? Isn’t my bank the only place that can issue business checks for my bank accounts?

JOHNNo, banks are not the only place where businesses can order checks. This is a huge misconception, and the banks know it and charge you an arm and a leg simply for the privilege of ordering through the bank. You have other options and can get the same or higher quality checks much faster, often with better service, and for a fraction of the cost. For example, Advantage delivers checks with all of the EXACT same paper quality, colors and security features, but routinely for less than half the bank price.

Our customers regularly tell us they can’t believe how much money they saved. If you have numerous bank accounts, and/or many employees or vendors that you pay by check, you can save thousands of dollars every year. You can often get business checks in one day, and you get a lot more hands-on customer support from a specialty check provider like Advantage.

 Larger companies often choose to buy blank check paper and print their own checks, including their bank account number and their address, which is even more cost effective. We walk these customers through the process of printing their own checks, answer their questions and help them get up to speed.


Q2: ARE VENDORS SECURE? – Is it safe to order checks from anyone other than my bank or my software vendor? And are there standards and requirements I need to be aware of?

JOHN: Absolutely. There are many reputable check suppliers in the market that can provide you checks that meet the industry standards. It’s just like dealing with any other business or vendor: you need to check the business’s reputation and history. It’s important that the company has a long Better Business Bureau track record of delivering reliable service and of being compliant with all industry regulations.

 Advantage is celebrating 30 years in business. We have a strong reputation: we are members of local Chambers of Commerce and we have thousands of great customer reviews. We also comply with all of our industry regulations, including MICR printing standards and Check 21 requirements, to ensure that banks will accept your checks.

You may ask if your supplier keeps sensitive information online. At Advantage, we don’t keep customer information online or in the Cloud after your order is placed. This means that you can’t place a reorder on our website, but the setup is designed to protect your financial information. Note that most other check vendors will let you reorder online, which means your checking account information is likely stored in the Cloud. In a time when hackers are aggressively seeking sensitive information, your information could be at risk. We don’t take that risk. We take our customers’ security very seriously, even if it means a less convenient reordering process.


Q3: HOW TO AVOID FRAUD – How do I protect myself from check fraud?

JOHN: The most important thing is to write checks only to people and vendors that you know and trust. This is one way to avoid someone taking your check and producing counterfeits. What I’ve learned, having been in the business so long, is that bad things can happen at check cashing places, so writing checks to people who don’t have checking accounts tends to carry more risk. Most companies want to avoid any risk associated with check fraud. 

Another way to avoid fraud is to sign up for programs like Positive Pay, offered by most banks. Programs like this are the only way to guarantee against check fraud. Basically, Positive Pay provides the bank with a way to ensure that only the amounts and check numbers you authorize are paid by the bank, so the bank can reject checks you didn’t issue. You can literally catch the check counterfeiter in the act. Advantage offers software and support service for a small fee that makes Positive Pay onboarding and support seamless with your bank.

Many check vendors, including banks, advertise premium checks with “enhanced security features,” such as checks with those little holograms on them. We offer those as well, because some customers ask for this feature, but the hologram does not protect businesses from counterfeiters. All the counterfeiter needs is your checking account information, regardless of what paper it’s printed on. Some companies like the fancy paper, and we agree the holograms are cool; but if you are adding them for safety, save your money, sign up for Positive Pay and use basic checks. We can answer any questions you have.


Q4: HOW TO ORDER – What information will I need to provide to order checks from a third-party vendor, like Advantage Laser Products?

JOHN: The process is pretty simple. Typically, all of the information that you need is already on the check that you are re-ordering. This includes your company name, bank name, city, and state. You also need to know what software you are running to generate checks. After entering all of that information on our website, you can select the color options you want and then the number of checks, and Advantage will take care of the rest.


Q5: DOES CUSTOMER SERVICE MATTER? – Does customer service matter when ordering checks or check supplies? Aren’t paper checks just a commodity these days?

JOHN: I think customer service does matter, and our customers certainly tell us it’s important. Check payments are a critical part of the financial management for most companies. There are many parts of the process that can be confusing, from deciding whether to order pre-printed checks or print your own, to limiting risk with Positive Pay. It’s important to have a knowledgeable resource to answer key questions.

I can’t help but talk about our business because we are so passionate about offering great customer service. At Advantage, we believe everyone’s time is valuable. If a customer calls Advantage and doesn’t have any of their check info, we can pull it up immediately. We have invested in customer support technology to make the process a breeze.

And, because Advantage is a small, agile company, when people place an incorrect order, we do everything we can to correct it without a charge. Try that at your bank. We also support many local non-profits, and we don’t mind being asked for donations—that’s one of the most rewarding experiences of being a small business.

We also pride ourselves on our quick turnaround. When orders come in on Monday, they will be shipped no later than Wednesday. We guarantee a 48-hour turnaround. You can also pay a little extra to expedite your order and have it ship out the same day. What is crazy is that even with the rush processing fee of $50, you will be paying less than what the bank charges for their typical two-week turnaround. We simply offer a different level of service.



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New MICR M607, M608, M609 HP LaserJet Printers are here

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